From Doctor to Futurist: Step #2 The Filter

A few weeks ago, I started documenting all the steps in the process of becoming a futurist as a medical doctor. In the first step, I wrote about how I made that decision. Now, the second step is about how I collect information and filter the web in the field of futuristic studies from the medical perspective as I have to be able to deal with this huge amount of information.

It’s quite simple to reach futurist gurus internationally via social media, therefore first I sent messages to many of them such as Thomas Goetz and Clement Bezold asking for guidance and they provided me with great pieces of advice about which information resources I should use.

I set up Google Alerts search queries and filled Google Reader with these resources which means I receive all the relevant updates automatically. Here are the resources I started following in this topic:

Please let me know if you think there are resources I’m missing here. In the third step, I’ll write about the methodologies.