Hospital uses Instagram to live stream a child’s open heart surgery

I thought it was a good idea to tweet live during an open heart surgery as people can get additional information about the procedure, but I have doubts about this story now. A hospital used Instagram to upload pictures of an open heart surgery of a child. Why Instagram? What’s the problem with a simple camera?

The doctors sewed a Gore-Tex graft onto her heart, according to an article in the Orlando Sentinel. A lifelong patient of the hospital, Stone has a heart defect where her heart has only one chamber, instead of two.

Through streaming live her surgery, the hospital wanted to highlight its heart center and give people a behind-the-scenes look at its operating room, Schmidt says.

Along with a member of his digital team, Schmidt posted updates with pictures every ten minutes onTwitter and, once an hour on Facebook. He manually posted photos to the hospital’s blog, creating a live time line of the surgery. In eight hours, including prep time, the four-hour surgery, and wrap up, Schmidt took 46 photos.

One positive aspect though:

Schmidt says at least six families commented that they now feel more assured about their children’s upcoming heart surgeries after watching it.