Caracal: A Clinical Decision Support App

It seems this week there are more and more useful medical apps getting some attention. The developers of Caracal just ave me access to their app. It uses a special search algorithm for coming up with potential diagnoses when adding symptoms.

It’s like a medical search engine in which you can simply input medical words—can be signs, symptoms or lab results—to be able to get the list of possible diseases (differential diagnosis) that affect the patient. Its unique searching algorithm is based on mathematical results with the most likely diseases showing up near the top of the search.The app is specially designed for healthcare professionals mainly in internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, pediatrics, nursing as well as medical students to let them save practice time, money and also reduce medical malpractice.

– A database of 1,600 diseases, expected to be enriched in the near future
– Search inputs from a database of 2,200 signs, symptoms, and lab findings
– A user-friendly interface
– A unique searching algorithm
– Clinical decision support system (CDSS)
– Symptoms are listed in alphabetical order for easy access
– Differential diagnosis is displayed in less than two seconds of search
– Most likely diseases to match search are displayed toward top of results
– No Internet connection required