Health Article Review Project on Wikipedia

Recently, an interesting initiative has been proposed in the Medicine WikiProject (a group of editors dealing with the improvement of medical Wikipedia entries) and we would love to hear what you think about it even if you are not a Wikipedian. An excerpt from the announcement:

I am proposing a Wikipedia:Health Article Review Project (WP:HARP) in which medical residents, during their classes and at their instructor’s behest, use a template to review health-related Wikipedia articles on that article’s talk page. They would be doing this in small groups in about 20 minutes with no prior Wikipedia editing experience and with no support from an experienced Wikipedian.

This project would be advertised in a very popular course curricula distributed throughout the United States. I am presuming that medical residents ought to be able to read a health article and have valuable opinions on how the articles might be improved, and that they could share those opinions on the talk pages of articles with little difficulty if they were guided by a written tutorial at the project page, and that trying this project is unlikely to have a bad result even if unexpected things happen.