Time to prove medical crowdsourcing works: Please join! #medCR

I used Twitter for crowdsourcing for medical purposes several times when I was looking for a rare diagnosis and it always helped. Now I came across the blog post of a Swedish fashion blogger and mother who described his son’s condition and is looking for help, experts or patients from around the world who might have the solution for the kid’s problem. Based on the symptoms, it’s clear this is something rare and unique, but hopefully people who can help will comment on her post.

This is my son, Mio. He has barely been to school the last couple of months. And he has almost not played with his friends. Cause he is always sick. He’s got pain behind his right eye. Every day. Sometimes he vomits. I feel so sorry for him and feel powerless. What can I do? What’s wrong? How long will this last? Should we just accept that life does not work? And that he’s always in pain? And above all – is it something dangerous?

Dear friends on Twitter, use the #medCR hashtag to discuss the potential diagnoses.