Sherpaa: A New Initiative in Healthcare

You all know the story of Jay Parkinson, MD who launched the first online GP service years ago in New York. After it became a “franchise”, he left and started a new company, The Future Well. A few months ago, I met him at Stanford, asked about his new projects and he mentioned the Sherpaa idea. Well, here is the official launch and the concept of Sherpaa.

To me it seems that Sherpaa tries to help patients when there are easier solutions for a health-related problem compared to using the traditional healthcare system. They give a specific example, what happens when you cut your finger:

  • You call your Guide
  • We ask you to snap a photo of the cut and email it to us
  • We look at it and it looks like something that can be handled outside the ER
  • We give instructions on what to do in the meantime as we schedule a stitch up
  • We call Dr. Sung (our plastic surgeon)
  • You are free to meet Dr. Sung in his office in an hour
  • You are on the road to recovery

—without sherpaa
Cost in ER: $4000
Time in ER: 8 hrs

—with sherpaa

Cost in Dr. Sung’s office: $1000
Time with Dr. Sung: 30 min

I believe the idea is timely and the structure is well-designed knowing Jay’s enthusiasm and proficiency. The only concern is how the healthcare system will look at their machinery. What do you think?