Talkswell, Whichdoc and Peer Reviewing the Internet

A few websites I’ve recently come across.


Using your social network, WhichDoc brings together doctor referrals from people you actually know and trust — your friends. The more friends you have using WhichDoc the more referrals you’ll have to help you make these tough choices. Three simple steps create a highly customized list of physicians who matched the criteria you’ve set.


Everyone should be a part of the health and wellness conversation, but not everyone has access to a platform that helps them share their wisdom or learn from others. Until now.

A new site,, aims to be a peer-review system for the Internet. It will be a distributed, open-source platform for the collaborative evaluation of information and will allow us to parse and critique words across the internet at the sentence-level through community peer-review. (Hat tip: Sciencebase)

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