What is the most viewed medical video on Youtube?

You would never find out which medical video out there has the most hits on Youtube. Well, here is FauquierENT, a private practice otolaryngology, head & neck surgery group headed by Dr. Christopher Chang, also a blog which I very much like and have been following for years.  The most viewed medical Youtube video and group do not belong to Mayo Clinic, WebMD or Healthline, but to the Fauquier practice.

Their Youtube channel has over 213 million (!) views!

While I highly respect everything they do online, I doubt there are 143 million ENT specialists in the world who want to watch a video stroboscopy of the vocal cords.

I might be wrong, but I think there is another explanation for that which is connected to the most attractive video content for teenagers. This is a lucky coincidence for them, but it does not remove anything from the value of what they do online.

Can you find out what that explanation is? Just take a look at the video: