WikiProject Medicine in the British Medical Journal

With plenty of medical editors in Wikipedia, we have recently published a paper on how Wikipedia could be a key tool for global public health promotion. A new paper published in BMJ describes how WikiProject Medicine works. That community is the HQ for medicine-related information and editing activities in Wikipedia. Here is the abstract:

In January 2011, members of WikiProject Medicine published an article about the intricacies, strengths, and weaknesses of Wikipedia as a source of health information and compared it with other medical wikis. 1 The article poses some interesting challenges and opportunities for the global community as Wikipedia’s seven year old WikiProject Medicine reaches an estimated 150 million viewers every month.

The claimed usage of Wikiproject Medicine is just under half of the 362 million monthly viewers of its parent Wikipedia, which is now the sixth most popular site on the internet. 2 This seems set to rise if search engines such as Google continue to show this site at the top of search results and with an upcoming iPhone application that will make it even more convenient and accessible.