What medical smartphones apps do You use?

I’ve recently described how I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab in medicine and in all my online activities.  There is no doubt about the power of mobile health and as now there is a medical category even on the Android Marketplace, there will be more and more health apps this year. I also wrote about websites and search engines that will help you find interesting and useful medical apps, but the best way would be crowd-sourcing, of course. As a first step, I asked my friend and squash partner, Gabor Csato, MD, registrar (anaesthesiology and intensive therapy) to share the apps he uses in his practice on his iPhone with us.

Pubmed search app, anaesthesiology descriptions and guides, calculators, Epocrates database, pharmindex and one surprise app (Webicina.com which I will descibe in details soon).

I use the apps below on my Android:

Please send us screenshots about what kind of medical/health apps you use!