2011 CES Innovation Honorees in Healthcare

Yesterday, the huge CES conference was launched in which there are plenty of Innovations Honorees in the healthcare category. It seems devices designed for hearing loss or damage rule this year’s health category. Here is the full list with details, and here is my summary:

  • An In-Ear Assistive Listening Device that provides full time low level amplification with situational hearing solutions
  • Hearing instrument system comprising an “industry first” proprietary digital wireless communication solution
  • High-Fidelity Electronic BlastPLG Earplugs were developed to mitigate hearing damage and tinnitus sustained by deployed soldiers.
  • Moneual Silver Care Robot
  • Digital sports watch aimed at Nike runners.
  • Pharos’ Cognit is designed for individuals living with brain injuries, mental disorders, and other cognitive challenges.
  • MyTrek is a heart beat monitoring system that attaches to a forearm and pairs with your iPhone
  • The patented ErgoMotionTM Keyboard provides comfortable and innovative typing experience.
  • OtoLens™ is the first invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid.
  • TabSafe is a medical management device that gives reminders for medications and activities.
  • SmartBabyPhone, based on digital convergence, is a smart sensor communicating with any connected screen.