BioNumbers: Database of Biological Numbers

If you have ever tried to look up a number such as the volume of a cell, the outer membrane width of E. coli or the cellular concentration of ATP, you will like BioNumbers, a database of biological numbers.

It is often surprising how difficult it can be to find concrete biological numbers, even for properties that have been measured numerous times. To help solve this for one and all, BioNumbers (the database of key numbers in molecular biology) was created. Along with the numbers, you’ll find the relevant references to the original literature, useful comments, and related numbers.

Though we have made an honest first try at simplifying the process of finding useful biological numbers, there is still much work to be done. A key challenge is filling in the large number of missing items. Another challenge involves setting up a reliable and discriminating search engine which on a first try yields the numbers a user is actually interested in finding.

(Hat tip: Round the lab)