Chart the Evidence Instead of Peer-Review

Alex O Holcombe and Hal Pashler, co-developers of Chart the Evidence, believe instead of peer-review, we should create evidence charts just like that:

This free site leads students to glean evidence from the research literature, articulate theories, and consider whether each piece of evidence supports or undermines each theory.

See a toy example chart or read about evidence-charting in our blog.

Working scientists find the site useful for quickly creating a compact representation of the evidence for and against competing hypotheses.

I have to admit, it’s not a bad idea. I’m sure the majority of scientists is sick of peer-review, partly because it’s anonimous in most cases, and also because it doesn’t always help improve the manuscript. But the research communities would clearly benefit from such evidence charts. I’m curious to see what the editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals have to say on this.