Roche Social Media Code of Conduct: Pharma 2.0 Just Begins!

At the recent Digital Pharma Europe conference, I saw the great presentation of Sabine Kostevc, Head of Corporate Internet and Social Media at Roche in which she talked about how Roche is trying to deal with the social media era. Now they just published the Roche Social Media Code of Conduct which is a very important step and may persuade others to do the same leading to a collaborative and universally used pharma social media code of conduct. Though it’s not as detailed as one would expect, I still believe this is a great initiative and I hope other companies will follow the steps of Roche soon.

The guidance is clear, maybe clearer than I expected. Actually, I think their original code of conduct is much more detailed, but they had to use a public version for generating a discussion, obviously.

The summary of their code of conduct:

Sabine is actively collecting the feedbacks and responses about the code of conduct.

What do you think?