Medical Community in China

In the medical blogosphere, we talk a lot about medical community sites such as, or and we always mention these as huge communities. Well while Sermo has over 110,000 physician members, the Chinese has over 1.4 million professionals on its site. It has a blog, a conference site, a pharmacy channel, biomedical business information platform, it covers more than a 100 specialties and offers thousands of jobs. I tried to translate the mission statement with Google Translate:

Lilac Garden Biomedical Science and Technology Network ( DXY.CN ) was established in July 23, 2000, since its inception has been committed for the majority of medical professionals to provide specialized life science platform. With professionalism and strong accumulation, the deepening and development of professional exchange, lilac garden from the first day only a few people see the message board, has grown into the largest and most popular pharmaceutical industry professionals to network media platforms.

Now I’m looking for Chinese doctors who would help us create a Chinese section for PeRSSonalized Medicine, the easiest medical information aggregator that features only selected resources. If you know someone, please let me know.