Age of Personalized Medicine: New Blog

I was glad to share the new blog of the Human Genome Organisation with you a few weeks ago. Now here is the new blog of the Age of Personalized Medicine which is a quality website dedicated to the possible implications of personalized medicine.

Welcome to The Age of Personalized Medicine Blog! Each week, our expert contributors will address the most pressing science and policy issues of the day that are shaping the future of personalized medicine.

Tomorrow, Amy Miller of the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) will share her thoughts on the intersection of personalized medicine and comparative effectiveness research, and highlight the topics being discussed at the Comparative Effectiveness Research and Personalized Medicine: Policy, Science, and Business conference in Washington, D.C. We invite you to join the discussion!

Though both blogs are good initiatives, there is a clear difference between them. The difference is Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei who is the official editor of HUGO Matters and one of the best genetic bloggers in the whole blogosphere. No matter how fantastic experts write entries for a blog if the blog itself doesn’t have an editor who is an expert in managing blogs. You can be proficient in writing articles for scientific journals or news sites, but it doesn’t mean you are a good blogger as well.