From Paper to Medical Records: Shareable Ink

The best medical blog out there,, has recently covered the TEDMED 2009 conference and they have been sharing video interviews with us for weeks. One of the most interesting interviews is about Shareable Ink. It might make it easier for hospitals and practices worldwide to create electronic medical records systems while still using paper solutions. For example, in Hungary, in some cases doctors must print reports and sign those by hand because of the legal regulations.  But with Shareable Ink, it seems there is light in the tunnel.

Shareable Ink® delivers enterprise-grade digital pen and paper solutions for healthcare. In contrast to traditional keyboard-based systems, the Shareable Ink approach offers the fastest and most natural data input method without disrupting familiar workflows. Shareable Ink effortlessly captures all the information written on paper forms using a specialized ball point pen. As no software is installed onsite, Shareable Ink is suitable for any size organization, from the solo practitioner to the healthcare enterprise.