Personalized Medicine: Genetic Tests for Drugs

  • This page catalogues drugs with pharmacogenomic information in the context of FDA-approved drug labels and lists drugs with mounting pharmacogenomic evidence.

Promethease is a tool to build a report based on SNPedia and a file of genotypes. Customers of testing services (23andMe, deCODEme, Navigenics, …) can use it to learn more about their DNA. It can also pool the data from multiple testing services. The program runs for approximately 2 hours. If you make an optional $2 payment via the program runs faster.

Actually, I cannot download my genomic data from Navigenics, but will be able to do so after the summer. Anyway, the results can be interpreted as follows:


But if your mother died of a heart attack, or your father has colon polyps, as mine does, it’s pretty clear what the indications are. Genomes themselves give you only—with a few exceptions—percentages. So, it’s not like you put this information up and people are going to stick pins into it. I actually was expecting more medical spam about, you know, “We looked at your genome. You should buy such and such nutri-ceutical.” What will be exciting is when you have hundreds of thousands of these and you say, “Oh, wow. They’re these five genes that seem to interact.” Most things are not a gene. It’s usually a lot of different genes—and then, combined with what you eat and whether you sleep enough and whether you stay warm enough and all these other things—that actually produce a real outcome in a person of being in such and such condition.

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