Community Site For Infertility and Reproductive Professionals, an online resource for infertility and reproductive professionals, is launching today. The founders gave me an interview and described the service in details.

  • What is the main concept behind the site? is designed to improve laboratory and clinical performance in the field of assisted reproductive technology (A.R.T.) by offering the industry’s first interactive, behind-the-scenes video takes viewers day-by-day through the techniques and procedures of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The Cook site is a centralized resource on breaking research and best practices for fertility and reproductive specialists across the globe.

With the launch of this microsite, Cook Medical is continuing its  commitment to the advancement of IVF by harnessing the dynamic power of the Internet to provide today’s infertility specialists with real-time, access to the resources and information necessary to support patients and improve their practices.” said Christina Anné, Vice President of Cook Medical’s Women’s Health Strategic Business Unit. “


  • What kind of web 2.0 tools will you use on the site?
  • A.R.T. Video Lab Tour – Provides an expert behind-the-scenes look at the entire IVF experience from preparation for ovum aspiration to embryo transfer, featuring Cook’s industry leading A.R.T. products. Translated transcripts of the videos are also available for download in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Chinese and Japanese as well as English.
  • Knowledge Center – Offers a continually updated pipeline and archive of recent publications and resources on all facets of A.R.T. and IVF divided by key subject areas. Topics include: Human ovum collection; sperm preparation and intrauterine insemination; embryo culture and incubation; cryopreservation and vitrification; ICSI and micromanipulation; and embryo transfer.
  • Online Discussion Forum – Engages experts, peers and Cook Medical product specialists to exchange A.R.T. knowledge and experience. Multilingual questions, input and discussion are encouraged on all relevant topics and products.
  • News and Events – Gathers and posts the latest breaking news on IVF, A.R.T. and Cook Medical from across the Internet as well as posting an ongoing channel of upcoming industry events dedicated to advancing the practice of IVF.
  • What kind of patients do you think will visit your service?

The site serves as a resource for fertility and reproductive specialists. Specifically, here is how one fertility specialist described the new website.  Patricia Jilbert, embryologist at the Center for Reproductive Biology of Indiana commented, “The lab tour is accurate and provides an in-depth explanation of all aspects of laboratory procedures. While not all the procedures are performed the same way in every lab, this (the tour) does give newcomers to the field a great overview of what is involved (in IVF). I could see the tour being useful in educating residents. Some patients are curious about what happens behind our closed doors so this would be another resource for them to feel they were informed and more comfortable with the IVF process.”

So here is a great addition to my list of biomedical communities.