PeRSSonalized Medicine: What are your favourite resources?

Yesterday, we launched the newest free tool, PeRSSonalized Medicine on that lets you follow the medical literature without having a clue what RSS is about :

Being up-to-date is crucial for medical professionals, but it takes time and effort. Sitting in a library with a few medical papers is not a proper solution any more. Learning to use an RSS reader is not that easy for those who don’t spend much time online.

PeRSSonalized Medicine is a free tool that lets you select your favourite resources and read the latest news and articles in one personalized place. You can create your own “medical journal” and as we are totally open to suggestions, let us add the journals, blogs and websites that you would like to follow.

I’m so happy to say the first feedback was quite positive. Just take a look at the reaction on Twitter. And here are the frist blogs to mention PeRSSonalized Medicine:
Now please let us know your favourite resources (medical journals, blogs, communities, microblogging tools, anything) so we can add those to our database. The newest additions are: