Scienceroll Search: Review

Scienceroll Search is a personalized medical search engine powered by You can choose which databases to search in and which one to exclude from your list. It works with well-known medical search engines and databases and we’re totally open to add new ones or remove those you don’t really like.

Now one of my favourite writers, Hope Leman at, reviewed and had positive thoughts on our search engine:

I was quite impressed with the drug information I was able to find on ScienceRoll. I tried out as my search term Riluzole, the only drug that seems to have any effect in extending survival for those with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and ScienceRoll very helpfully suggested, “Also Consider: Rilutek.”

I certainly found some excellent material on ScienceRoll. For example, if I were a nurse or health science student or simply a loved one of a person with a serious condition, I would try out ScienceRoll. It is a useful complement to MedlinePlus and indeed surpasses it in some ways in terms of comprehensiveness.


I’m so happy and I hope you will use and like the search engine. Your feedback, as always, is invaluable for us.

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