The Use of Virtual Reality in Addiction Medicine

One of the demonstrations at this year’s Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 17 conference I can’t wait to see is the demonstration of Chris Culbertson (Neuroscience Ph.D. student) who will present how virtual reality can be used in addiction medicine:

Demonstration: Use of VR in Addiction Medicine. During the exposure, participants are encompassed within a sensory isolation apparatus, including a 32” LCD monitor and a surround-sound audio system.  Participants interact with the specially created virtual world in Second Life, run from a standard Dell PC, using a simple gaming remote control.  An additional monitor is placed outside of the apparatus for outside observation.


This method can be used in behavioral pharmacology research and it also makes it possible to improve cognitive behavioral treatments and exam drug taking behavior in a naturalistic environment. Read more about it.

Further reading about this year’s MMVR17: