The Youngest Twitterer and the Future of Health Management

BoingBoing featured kickbee, probably the youngest Twitter user. His father, Corey Menscher,

has designed a kick sensor which monitors his pregnant wife’s belly, and generates a fetal tweet whenever the baby kicks.

Technical details and images here.


Incredible idea! What might be the next step? I’m just wondering…

  • A diabetic patient monitors his/her blood sugar and whenever there is a serious difference from normal values, the doctor receives a twit about it.
  • An old patient with high blood pressure measures his/her blood pressure several times a day with an automatic device. When the value is too high, the doctor receives a twit about it.
  • Pregnant women who are at risk for some reasons, can wear such sensors, and anytime the heart beat of the fetus decreases, the doctor receives a twit about it.

What kind of examples do you have in mind? Let your creativity fly!

Alexandra Carmichael tracks herself – 40 things about her body, mind, and activity – every day as a part of the quantified self project. She is one example. Based on her experiences, patients could track themselves as well.


Do you want better health management? Let’s be open to such useful tools as Twitter.