Doc2doc: Community Site from BMJ Group

It’s very important for medical journals and groups to be open to the opportunities web 2.0 provides. BMJ group made a good step and created Doc2doc, a medical community site. But to be honest, I don’t see now why and how it’s different from other community sites. Why should I join? According to their mission statement:

doc2doc has a range of tools to help you network with other doctors on a professional and social level. On our clinical forums you can discuss interesting or puzzling cases and discuss any aspect of medicine. You can also create your own forum and build a community around your own interests or place of work. You can find people you work with, used to work with or want to get to know through our people search.


The functions:

  • People search to find friends and colleagues and others that you want to get in touch with. You can search by the person’s real name and by their job title.
  • Forum
  • Blogs: To start your own blog, you have to contact them first.

Nothing new, nothing innovative. But at least, they made another important step towards health 2.0

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