Best Invention in 2008: 23andMe or Hype?

TIME magazine published the complete list of the top 50 best inventions of 2008. The winner is 23andMe, the Google sponsored genetic company that provides SNP genotyping. Spittoon, the official blog of 23andme also covered the subject. While I think their service is important, Medgadget shared some major points with us and I must say they were right. These are the truest words I’ve ever read about direct-to-consumer genetic testing.

We say, TIME was probably sucking up to people whose lives have become a never ending effort to hype things onto the common man. You see, whether you take 23andme’s Anne Wojcicki and her husband Sergei Brin (co-founder of a website, an advertising agency with no customer service), or 23andme’s investor movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, or Navigenic’s venture capitalist John Doerr, they feel that they are changing the world. But really, considering the hype, aren’t they more interested in making money and elevating themselves to the level of revolutionaries, than furthering medicine and its technology?

Other interesting inventions: