How to manage the content of a wiki?

I’ve been a Wikipedia administrator for a long time and I’ve had some edits on medical wikis as well. The reason why I mention it now is that I know exactly how hard it is to manage and supervise the content of a wiki. Before, we used VandalProof, a tool which allowed us to review edits really efficiently. But now we have a supertool, Huggle:

Huggle is an application for dealing with vandalism, written in Visual Basic .NET. It was originally developed by Gurch.

Huggle is a tool for dealing with vandalism. Its nature requires that it is capable of editing pages quickly, and of making many edits in a short space of time. Such features should be used with caution. Use of Huggle by new or inexperienced users is not recommended. Use of Huggle is subject to Wikipedia policies and guidelines.

You can create a whitelist for experienced users and a blacklist for vandals. You can revert the edits and leave warning messages on user’s talk pages with only one click. It’s also possible to review several edits simultaneusly (by opening new tabs).

Here is the manual and you can download it here.

A screenshot from the Wikimedia Commons page