Medicine 2.0 Carnival: Summertime


Medicine 2.0 is a blog carnival devoted to analyze and describe the impact of web 2.0 on medicine and healthcare. If you think there are just a few posts written about this field of medicine during the summer, you’re wrong. I’ve got plenty of submissions.

Let’s launch the carnival this time with articles on medical search.

Medical search:

Uri Ginzburg at Medical 2.0 presented an intelligent search engine.

Allan Cho at Allan’s Library talked about his interview on Talis on Web 2,0, Semantic Web, and Web 3.0.

Aniruddha Malpani at The Patient’s Doctor told us how to search the net for health information.

The Clinical Cases and Images blog featured a video about how to Use Google Trends for Research:

Electronic medical records:

Peter Murray at Release Zero Blog talked about Google Health and some possible scenarios.

Dr. Reece at Medinnovationblog analyzed the frequency of EMR installations.

The HealthBlog posted an update on Microsoft Amalga and HealthVault.

Questions you’ll want to ask before you buy an electronic medical record solution for your practice:


Joshua Schwimmer at Efficient, MD introduced us to The Doctor’s Room on FriendFeed.

Health & Medicine in Second Life asked whether poor communication = poor healthcare.

Dean Giustini at Google Scholar Blog posted about Identi.Ca – Fourth Big Player in the Microblog Wars?

David M Kreindler published an article at Open Medicine: Email security in clinical practice: ensuring patient confidentiality.

FriendFeed Intro:


The Digital Pathology Blog said Mayo was en route to virtual patients.

Bunny Ellerin at Pharma 2.0 analyzed some data on online doctors.

E-Health Tech defined Healthcare Consumers.


Jeana H Frost and Michael P Massagli published an article: Social Uses of Personal Health Information Within PatientsLikeMe, an Online Patient Community.

PLoS Biology had an interesting piece on A Gene Wiki for Community Annotation of Gene Function.

The OpenHelix BLog had some comments about the Gene Wiki.

Gunther Eysenbach, the organizer of the Medicine 2.0 Congress, announced MDPIXX (the “youtube” for physicians) sponsors Physician 2.0 Award at Medicine 2.0 congress.

Random thoughts and posts about medicine/health 2.0:

John Sharp at E-health informs us CDC now meets Web 2.0.

Both Medgadget and the Health 2.0 Blog presented the Health 2.0 Accelerator project.

According to OnMedica, Telemedicine network was launched.

YS at Prep4MD told us about Blogger’s New Subscription Tool.

Jan Martens at came up with a new list of medical blogs.

Medical Economics reveiled the secrets of a successful medical practice.

Telemedicine: An Evolving Tool for Improving Health Care

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