My Dream Job

I’m a featured blogger now on because of my Hungarian medical blog and I got an interesting question about which famous blogger I would like to wake up as tomorrow morning. It made me think for a while.

I’ve always wanted to become a researcher specialized in human genetics, that’s why I study genetics at the school of medicine of Debrecen. But as a blogger, I realized how innovative and fast online projects can be and how important e-health is.

My dream job would be a job where my only task is to inspire others with my vision and ideas while travelling through the world; and to understand more and more things that can have global effect.

Robert Scoble seems to be the best example right now.

Regarding the medical field, Alex Jadad has such a job:

Dr. Jadad initiated a new effort, known as the Global eHealth and eWellness Network Initiative (GENI, pronounced as ‘genie’), which seeks to explore innovative ways to promote optimal levels of health and wellbeing through the use of ICTs. Areas of interest include technologically-assisted vital environments, social networks and virtual supportive communities, new modalities of tele-work and tele-mentoring, robotic applications to improve quality of life and innovations in entertainment… Dr. Jadad currently advises the World Health Organization as a member of its Global Observatory for eHealth’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) .

He is also the leader of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation.

So I will graduate from medical school before September, 2009; then I plan to start PhD training in genetics but will also work on my blog and the projects I have recently launched. Until then, I will attend conferences focusing on the future of medicine:

  • 20th International Conference of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology (Vienna, Austria; August 28-30): Oral presentation
  • Medicine 2.0 Congress (Toronto, Canada, September 4-5): Oral presentation and Medical Bloggers’ Panel
  • Health 2.0 conference? (Bilbao, Spain; November 20)
  • Medicine Meets Virtual Reality conference 17 (Long Beach, CA; January, 2009): I’m a member of the organizing committee.
  • NeXtHealth conference (2009)

And of course, we will see how it goes.