Personalized Genetics: Crystal Ball?

The world of personalized medicine must be much more than a crystal ball. Here are some new articles about the steps that have to be made and some aspects that might help us :

Young person goes to 23andME/Navigenics/ETC (They just may add this immediately)….gets predictive testing indicating that he is at a 300 fold increased risk of herniating a disc in his back. Avoids manual labor (plays video games all day) never herniates the disc. Did we do society a service? Some would argue yes….I say no.

It’s not as bloody as you think.

Very soon, the cost for routine whole human genome sequencing will become cheaper, and some day will be offered during routine clinical testing along with the CBC, blood count and chemistry panel. Also, we will very soon have a greater understanding of gene variation and disease risk, which will hopefully allow intelligent and useful interpretation of the routine clinical sequencing of the entire human genome. As of May 2008, we are not quite there yet.