Medical Image Viewer: An Open-Source Project

What happens when you mix an innovative mind with some open-source projects? Greg Book can show you an example:

Medical Image Viewer (MIView) is an OpenGL based medical image viewer that contains useful tools such as a DICOM anonymizer and format conversion utility. MIView can read DICOM, Analyze/Nifti, and raster images, and can write Analyze/Nifti and raster images. It can also read and convert DICOM mosaic images. The main goal of MIView is to provide a platform to load any type of medical image and be able to view and manipulate the image.

My main goal is to create a simple and powerful program to provide useful visualization of medical images. Visualization methods will include planar views, orthogonal, multi-planar reconstruction (MPR), maximum intensity projection (MIP), volume rendering, and surface shaded display (SSD).

And you can download it for free. Kudos to Greg Book for his commitment to the medical community!




(Many thanks to Ricardo for the link!)