Personalized Genetics: World Record?

I hope I can set a Guinness world record for displaying the most links to the best resources of personalized genetics in one post.

First, the post of the week award goes to Andy De for writing Personalized Medicine – Myth, Pipe Dream or Realizable Promise?

The series of the month award goes to Blaine Bettinger for the articles about the 1000$ genome (Part one, two, three and four).

While, according to Keith Robison, we have an incredibly shrinking human genome, the risks of obtaining and sharing your genome sequence are being discussed at The Personal Genome Blog.

Even if Direct-To-Consumer advertising for genetic tests may mislead patients, there are more and more services on the market: Cytochrome P450 testing for better psychiatric care

It’s crucial to educate laypeople properly, maybe that’s why FDA has recently launched an e-mail alert subscription service:

The service is free and available for a wide variety of FDA’s Web pages, including food safety protection, medical product approvals and consumer health information.

Opportunities For Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine (Russ. B. Altman):

We’ve already seen many comments and opinions from physicians, scientists, but what about venture capital investors? How do they see this special field of medicine?

Don’t forget to check out the Release Zero Blog for more about CeHR 2007 International Conference focusing on personalized medicine and eHealth.

And do you know what we need to move on in the realm of personalized genetics? More sherpas