Personalized Genetics: Back to the Personal Genome Project

It’s so good to see Jason Bobe back in action as he has recently presented the Personal Genome Project’s new website and also reported that the Project entered the competition of the Archon X-Prize for Genomics.


Thomas Goetz at Epidemix posted the thoughts of George Church, the head of the Personal Genome Project, about those personal genomic companies.

Of course, nowadays, I can’t write my carnival-like post without mentioning at least one genetic company, so here is Hsien-Hsien Lei’s interview with Knome CEO Jorge Conde.

But Knome offers it’s service for 350,000$! Where is the realm of the 1000$ genome? Blaine Bettinger, our genetic genealogist, tells you

If you can’t afford $1000 to know more about your genetic destiny, then store your DNA at home! DNA Direct makes it possible for you.

Image credit and more info: Eye on DNA

At last, I strongly support the opinion of Christine Patch, a genetics counselor and member of the UK’s Human Genetics Commission (via WSJ Health Blog):

My message is you are wasting your money.

Progress in this field is extremely encouraging, but it’s premature for this kind of test to be offered,” David Valle, director of the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine at Johns Hopkins recently told the WSJ. “For the most part, it is too early for the tests to have any meaningful impact on the current practice of medicine.”