Famous Scientific Bloggers in Second Life: LIVE

We’re back again with a live coverage of this week’s SciFoo Lives on session in Second Life. Famous scientific bloggers will talk about blogging.

Live Coverage Starts

  • 8:23: I’m setting up the presentation of Bora Zivkovic.
  • 8:34: I’m still uploading the slides of Bora. We expect to see Bora, Sandra Porter, Jean-Claude Bradley and some presenters from Nature Publishing Group today.


  • 8:42: Greg Petersen, a reader of Sandra’s blog is with me now. The poster of Bora is nearly ready.


  • 8:45: Sandra Porter is with us now as well.
  • 8:49: More and more people are coming. The poster of Bora is finally up! Jean-Claude Bradley arrived as well.


  • 8:53: Bora Zivkovic and some more guests are here. Bora has something in his hand:


  • 9:00: Kick-off! The first speaker is Sandra Porter from Discovering Biology in a Digital World.
  • 9:04: Sandra said: ” I started doing this [blogging] because it complemented my teaching activities. I’ve found that it’s addicting.”


  • 9:05: She contrasts her experience with blogging with her experience with two of the papers that she published this year.
  • 9:06: Extremely valid points: As a molecular biologist, I am not always patient and so I enjoy the immediate gratification of blogging. And I enjoy knowing that people actually read what I write.
  • 9:09: How do bloggers become respectable? It’s getting very interesting:


  • 9:11: Sandra expressed a very important opinion: I think it’s really good for scientists to have an opportunity to share what they do with the public. And show the public that science isn’t an entirely abstract activity.
  • 9:14: Sandra: I don’t always think it’s worthwhile for me to spend years publishing peer-reviewed research anymore.
  • 9:17: You should check out the last few slides of Sandra’s slideshow. Perfect!! How can a blogger present a peer-reviewed article to the blogreaders…
  • 9:20: Some questions about what experiment she would not blog abou and whether she plans to use blogging in her course this Spring.
  • 9:23: The next presenter is Bora Zivkovic who fights with his computer. He’s in panic, as he said. :)


  • 9:28: What is a science blog? A blog written by a sientist or a blog that cover science, or both, with some exceptions?
  • 9:30: The number of participants is still growing…


  • 9:33: How true it is!! Bora: There are others who translate from Scientese to English – professional journalists. Journalists usually do not have PhDs on science. Bloggers often do. So bloggers often compare the papers to media reporting and find the media lacking.
  • 9:38: Bora is talking about the role of science bloggers in combating pseudoscience and educating people.
  • 9:42: There is a lot of humor and fun on science blogs. Of course, check out LOLDiabetes:)
  • 9:47: Bora is presenting science blogs writing about different fields of science and from different aspects. It’s so good to see how many blogs we have out there…
  • 9:51: Bora just disappeared… So Jean-Claude presents his slide.


  • 9:54: He is talking about Open Notebook Science. A unique project of him.
  • 9:56: You should also check out UsefulChem wiki!
  • 9:58: Bora is back in action now! The next slide is about Open Notebook Science. What a perfect segue!
  • 10:06: Bora is just finishing his interesting slideshow. He said: So, what is the next step – integration between different modes of communication, including blogs?
  • 10:08: One of the conclusions of today’s session is that Bora needs a better computer. :)
  • 10:12: Questions’ time! Actually, we’re talking about the scientific articles of Wikipedia… As an administrator, I can’t be objective.
  • 10:17: I said: You shouldn’t use Wikipedia as your last source, but a starting point… It’s an old rule.
  • 10:24: The discussion is still going on, but that’s all for today, folks! See you next time! I hope you enjoyed it!

Live Coverage Ends

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