10 future web trends including personalized medicine

Richard MacManus at Read/WriteWeb recently highlighted 10 future web trends to look out for over the next 10 years.

  1. semantic web
  2. artificial intelligence
  3. virtual worlds including Second Life
  4. mobile web
  5. attention economy
  6. web sites as web services
  7. online video / internet tv
  8. rich internet apps
  9. international web
  10. personalization


And after getting a lot of useful comments, he created an other list.

  1. Integration into everyday devices: health-monitoring bathroom?
  2. Hyperlocal
  3. Data retrievel/manipulation agents
  4. Read/Write/Request Web (a.k.a. a “living machine agent”)
  5. User-controlled, open Internet Identity
  6. New forms of Internet Interaction: “flexible OLED touch-screens, new visualisation technologies”
  7. Extended Reality: full sensory coupling with the virtual world
  8. Expert Systems
  9. Blog reading automatically input into our brain:

    In 10 years time, we won’t have to worry about RSS Readers at all – everything we need to know on a daily basis will be automatically input into our brains each morning while we’re eating our breakfast.

  10. Personalized Medicine:

this has been on the cards for some time, but in the not too distant future our medical details will be online and the networking aspects of the Internet will be utilized to improve the way medicine is prescribed. As a recent report noted: “Imagine this: you visit your clinician, undergo genetic testing, and then you are handed a miniature hard drive containing your personal genome sequence, which is subsequently uploaded onto publicly accessible databases.” See also the blog ScienceRoll.

Fantastic thoughts! If you’re interested in the future trends of personalized medicine, check out this category!

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