Behind the Scenes of Medical Blogs:


I’ve already presented some famous medical bloggers to you. My aim is to get my readers closer to these quality blogs and the bloggers as well. I’d like to convince more and more health professionals/people interested in medicine to create their own blogs by providing interesting “behind-the-scenes” interviews. The seventh blogger in this series is Sara Ost who runs the #1 health blog on the web,

  • How do you find information for your blog? You certainly read other blogs, journals but do you use RSS reader? How many blogs do you track?

I read Google News and BBC news along with all the major journals and press releases from the FDA, CDC and NIH. I check in on around 50 health and science blogs and I also follow roughly 100 other blogs (politics, web, tech, marketing, writing, philosophy, personal development, etc.).

  • You’re not a medical specialist but you can cover a wide range of medical topics. How can you do it?

I am a sponge. Most of my inspiration comes from observation of everything around me. I tear stuff out of magazines, I go out with friends, I surf the web. While I’m not an “expert”, I have learned a lot about health. Beyond that I’m a very curious person, which helps.

  • Was it hard to follow Wade Meredith’s job? (Actually, it seems you have no problem with that.)

Healthbolt is the house that Wade Meredith built. I followed the blog for Wade’s entire run and really dug it. I edit and write for a popular alternative health blog (, and I’d had the itch to further satisfy my blog bug with my own digs, so it couldn’t have worked out better.

  • Healthbolt is No. 1 on this list, and No. 8 on that one. It must be a little bit frustrating that so many people are watching! How can you handle it?

Hey, thanks for bringing that up! I’m just myself. If it works, it works!

  • Are the most of your readers patients/laymen? Or medical specialists?

My readers are generally college-educated but not health professionals. They skew male, they’re Gen X-ers, they’re interested in entertainment, politics, psychology, sex, and science. They like learning about health and how the body works, but they aren’t really too nutty about it. That’s what the other blog is for! 😉

  • Do you plan to write more about web 2.0 or genetics? I personally miss these topics.

I am just as obsessed with Web 2.0 as any other blogger, and I follow all the major web and tech blogs, but that’s not really the purview of Healthbolt. Genetics? Duly noted!

  • At last, what are your future plans with your blog?

Well, one goal is to continue to make Healthbolt very interactive. The first thing I did was to open up comments. Other than that, I’m just curious and focused on learning, so I appreciate that others take the time to learn along with me. And it’s a riot! 

Thank you, Sara, for the answers. Follow for many interesting posts on popular medicine and health!

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