Pluggd: Medical and Scientific Channels

I’ve been thinking about launching a videocast but I’m a bit afraid of it as I’m not a natural English speaker. While doing some “research” about it, I’ve come across this service, Pluggd (in beta now):

Pluggd provides video and audio search and contextual advertising targeting services.

Our website is an aggregation of both traditional media and independent, online-only producers. We’ve built great tools to help you find what you want, based on topics of interest, popularity, and critical acclaim. You can learn more by taking a tour of the site.


Currently, there are 359 medical & scientific channels, so here are some interesting ones:

  • bbgm – the podcast: Voices on biology, infotech and business
  • MicrobiologyBytes: MicrobiologyBytes brings you the latest news about microbiology in a form that everyone can understand.
  • Instant Anatomy: Podcasts to help the learning of human anatomy for doctors, medical students, nurses and anyone else who has an interest in human anatomy by Dr Robert Whitaker, Cambridge, UK
  • Lung Cancer Update: Featuring one-on-one interviews conducted by Dr Neil Love.

And really many more…

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