The Modern Scientist

We should all forget about the usual scientist-profile with the strange clothes, wild hair and old glasses. According to the

My concern grew out of discussions with non-scientists and their stereotyped views of scientists as isolated, possiby nutty geeks with wild hair.

Source: Wikimedia

What is a modern scientist like? A modern scientist

  • is modern (I mean new technology, new ideas)
  • can communicate with laypeople. They can tell them what they’re working on without using latin/technological/buzzword-like expressions.
  • is ready to collaborate via the web (Google Docs; Second Life; Community Sites)
  • supports Open Notebook Science
  • supports and uses regularly Open Access Journals (PLoS One)
  • uses Second Life to teach students from around the world
  • writes an own blog
  • doesn’t spend hours each week in a library, but uses RSS reader

And so on… I should give you some names, some examples: Craig Venter, Jean-Claude Bradley, Bora ZivkovicWhat is your opinion? What is a modern scientist like?