List of the best medical blogs

Two months ago, I wrote about a list at They listed and ranked many medical blogs by some parameters (my opinion):

  • Google Pagerank (OK)
  • Technorati (OK)
  • Bloglines subscribers (Not OK, Feedburner would be better)
  • eDrugSearch points (totally subjective)

On that list, Scienceroll is the 50th blog. Recently, I’ve come across an other list at which works with better parameters/numbers:

  • the number of published articles
  • the number of comments
  • the mean Google pagerank of the homepage
  • the mean Technorati-rank, -inblog and inlink numbers
  • the mean number of subscription to Feedburner (the circulation) and the mean hits of Feedburner.


In my opinion, this list is more accurate and comprehensive than that of eDrugSearch. And the reason I think so is not Scienceroll’s 22nd rank, but the objective parameters. Let us know if you know more lists about medical blogs.

Sorry, dear readers, for being off-topic. Bloggers always want to know their exact place in the medical blogosphere. :)