7 Tips: How to be up-to-date in genetics/genomics?

As I plan to pledge my life to personalized genetics/genomics and my hobby is writing about the relationship between web 2.0 and medicine, then this is a crucial question to me. I try to give you some tips on how to be up-to-date on the field of genetics/genomics.

1. Follow the most reliable genetic sites:


2. Follow the best genetic blogs:

3. Use RSS web feed and follow the genetic journals:

Via RSS web feed, you don’t have to run through all of these blogs, sites and journals, but the information will come to you automatically. A fantastic example is Philippe Campeau‘s (OMMBID Blog) list of subscriptions in Google Reader which is public now. You can find there nearly 50 genetic journals.

4. Use services/tools:

I recommend to use UpToDate.com but never forget the words of Ves Dimov:

UpToDate is useful and at least for me, easy to use… How many times I have not found the answer to a clinical question in UpToDate? Many. Then I try Pubmed and the plain Google search which have always been helpful.

I don’t think anybody should be dependent on a single source. If one cannot practice medicine without UpToDate, may be one should not practice at all.


5. Follow the blog carnivals:

Gene Genie is the blog carnival of genes and gene-related diseases. Its mission is to cover the whole genome before 2082, but it also contains articles on the news of genomics and clinical genetics.

Mendel’s Garden: this carnival is devoted to genetics.


6. Follow the genetic wikis:

Through this link, you’ll find many genetics-related wikis and Wikimedia projects.


7. Your choice: how can you be up-to-date in genetics/genomics?

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