Modern Education: Mind Maps and Second Life

You know well how much I’m interested in the improvements of medical education. I really believe that we can train better doctors if the education becomes more comprehensive and modern. Web 2.0 could be useful in that process. In the last few days, I’ve been chatting with Ves Dimov (from about one of his recent projects: creating mind maps for medical education.


He uses, a web 2.0 tool. Here is a good example for its features: is a simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online.

He told me that he used a 3-pronged approach to studying:

  1. creating you own notes
  2. mnemonics
  3. mind maps

It helped him to score higher than 90-95% on almost all of his exams during medical school and residency. A great idea again from Ves, the pioneer of Medicine 2.0.

Here are some other ideas, sites about modern educational methods, views, resources:


How could we improve medical education? Tell us your opinion!

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Update: Check out the comments because Vic Gee provided a fantastic list of mind map tools and services! Kudos to Vic!