Genetics in Second Life

I thought I could create an account in Second Life and see how genetic information is organized in this virtual world. I was curious whether I could find any kind of genetic or medical information. Now, I show you the results with many images. As I’m getting closer to this world, I’m going to start a series on the relatinship between medicine and Second Life. This first issue is about genetics. You just got to visit Scienceroll the next few days. But first, what is Second Life about?

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by a total of 5,438,479 people from around the globe.

So let’s see what Second Life offers on the field of genetics. There is a Gene Pool place with plenty of educational items.

The blue bubble is a eukaryotic virtual cell

On the several floors of this bulding, you can watch 3D tutorials or simple videos on bacterial transformation, chromosomes, etc. On the first floor, I made a quiz of genetics:


Then I wanted to read about the structure of DNA. I wanted to know how they interpret genetic terms. It seemed to be interesting:


On the other floors, I’ve made pictures of the Hershey-Chase experiment, PCR, chromosome galleries, DNA sequencing:




And what was the most astonishing part of my little journey: wear your favourite chromosome! As in Second Life, you can wear any kind of textures, you can also wear your favourite chromosome:


And if you get tired of the dozens of educational opportunities, then outside in the garden, you can make test crosses:


The point when I got convinced about this project’s importance and quality was that when I saw the genome floor:


And I haven’t talked about virtual doctors, hospitals, medical libraries and support groups. So keep up with Scienceroll, it’s going to be a medical Second Life week.