Pharmacy 2.0, Science Fair Project and more on medical wikis

This week is really a medical wiki-week. Ask Dr Wiki has gained some attention after my post on comparing them to Wikipedia and a Cleveland newspaper article. Then here are my usual medicine 2.0 news and some interesting blogposts:

Pharma industry leaders say that despite the regulatory and legal challenges of Web 2.0 approaches, companies must monitor, test, measure and – above all else – participate and find value in social networking opportunities…

Super Science Fair Projects is your complete step-by-step guide to experiments and ideas for kids K thru college. Microscopes, electronics, robot kits, time management, ink cartridges.

A great interview on the use of medical wikis. Recommended for any medical expert. Many good points that we, wiki editors, should consider.

A funny webcomic about being a scientist.

Assuming there are no last minute hitches, the Wikipedia:Version 0.5 CD should be going on sale on March 26 at for around 10 Euros/$US13-14 (a portion goes to the Foundation). It will also be made available for free download. It consists of 1964 articles and a set of navigation pages, with an open source (GPL) search engine, Kiwix, developed by Linterweb.

Many thanks to the Wikipedia Version 0.5 Editorial Team to make it become a reality! I participated in the first few steps of the work, but then I didn’t have enough time. Great job, folks!