Medical wikis: the future of medicine?

I still believe that these medical wikis will play an important role in medical education. But they have to improve a lot of things (number of contributors, guidelines, layout). Let’s take a look at the active medical wikis, and let me know if I missed any (actually I’ve found 16 wikis – I thought there were only a few).


  • Wikisurgery: Wikisurgery is a free surgical encyclopedia for surgeons and their patients.
  • Ganfyd is a collaborative medical reference by medical professionals and invited non-medical experts.



  • Billingwiki: a collaborative medical billing knowledge base for practice profitability and compliance. It includes fresh views and new concepts leveraging state of the art technology.
  • Student Doctor Network Wiki: is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting health professionals at all stages of their careers through volunteer-run and community-based discussion.
  • Medtech Wiki: Medgadget’s wiki aiming to create a comprehensive database of medical technologies and devices, including specifications, methods of use, and commentary on efficacy and other issues.
  • AIDS wiki: a community gathering place for AIDS dissidents to assist and foster activism. The wiki reflects a pro-dissident POV, although the diversity of opinion present among AIDS dissidents is respected.
  • WikiMD: is a free Medical Encyclopedia editable by anybody. It was created by a resident in Internal Medicine in Philadelphia.


  • WikiKidney: This wiki has been developed by The Nephron Information Center for the renal community of doctors and allied health personnel, industry, payors, CMS, patients and their families.
  • Medic Wikia: The aim of this wiki is to develop a collaboratively edited information resource focused on medical issues, treatment protocols, ethical standards, and historical information of use to street medics.

Update (many thanks to KJ and David Rothman!):

  • EBM Librarian wiki: The purpose of this wiki is to develop a community of librarians who are involved in teaching and supporting the practice of evidence based medicine (ebm) or evidence based practice (ebp).
  • EHealth wiki: a platform for the eHealth research community to collaboratively develop eHealth and Internet research ideas and observations into papers, proposals, research protocols, projects and programs.
  • Medical Images Wiki: The CHERRI report outlines a persuasive approach that could enable the sharing of medical images to support education needs (clinical recordings in academic, non-clinical settings).
  • PubDrug: is an open access directory of drug monographs on a wiki platform.


  • Quality of medical data: This wiki was created to be a research resource for epidemiologists, healthcare workers, insurers, and patients interested in the issues surrounding the quality of medical data.


  • WikiCancer: Cancer stories,support and infromation.


  • WikiHealth: the collaborative online health and wellness community where your participation makes a difference!
  • WikiRadiology: The free medical imaging resource created by the radiology community.
  • WikiEcho: A wiki dedicated to echocardiology.


  • MedRevise: MedRevise is the home of free medical revision on the web. Not too in depth, nor too short, and with a great sense of humour! This site is a medical revision wiki, and it’s growing all the time…