10+8 Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia

As I’ve been an administrator of Wikipedia, it’s really important for me to persuade more and more professionals to edit Wikipedia. A new paper published in PLoS Computational Biology seems to be a very helpful first step for those who are interested in editing biomedical content in the biggest encyclopaedia.

Ten Simple Rules for Editing Wikipedia

  • Rule 1: Register an Account
  • Rule 2: Learn the Five Pillars
  • Rule 3: Be Bold, but Not Reckless
  • Rule 4: Know Your Audience
  • Rule 5: Do Not Infringe Copyright
  • Rule 6: Cite, Cite, Cite
  • Rule 7: Avoid Shameless Self-Promotion
  • Rule 8: Share Your Expertise, but Don’t Argue from Authority
  • Rule 9: Write Neutrally and with Due Weight
  • Rule 10: Ask for Help

I have some other tips dedicated to the biomedical entries.

  1. Focus on the Medical Collaboration of the Month if you cannot choose which entry to work on.
  2. Defend entries that would be deleted
  3. There are entries needing expert attention
  4. Requested articles in medicine
  5. Expand medical stub entries
  6. Contribute to the assessment of medical entries
  7. Work on the most visited Medical Portal
  8. Find collaborators or other projects on WikiProject Medicine