10 Reasons Why I Use Twitter

Yesterday, Dan Weberg was curious how and why medical students use Twitter, a microblogging service. Jen McCabe Gorman directed him to me so now I thought I should list my reasons here.

1. I can contact fellow medical students and professors easily.

2. I get answers for my medicine-related questions from educators from around the world.

3. I get feedback easily so I always post there my ideas and projects.

4. I’ve recently started to read the Presentation Zen book and I really liked the foreword from Guy Kawasaki. Today I could contact him on Twitter. It feels good to be so close to the world.

5. It can replace RSS as bloggers share their newest posts with us (e.g. Kevin, MD). I can also follow health news aggregators and services on Twitter. (e.g. Eye on FDA, ICMCC)

6. I will graduate from medschool next September. That’s why I’m glad I can follow doctors and see what their everyday lives are like. This way, I can prepare myself for practicing medicine.

7. I cannot be up-to-date about the lives and careers of all of my friends and collegues by e-mail, but on Twitter it’s a piece of cake to know their important steps and milestones.

8. In order to check all the important health news of Second Life, I only have to follow Patricia F Anderson and Mal Burns.

9. It serves as a universal chat service. I can contact anyone while flying in Second Life, blogging live or writing e-mails.

10. I can watch and follow interesting discussions focusing on health, web 2.0 or medicine. I feel I’m in the middle of an active group or community consisting of medical students, patients, doctors, nurses, healthcare lawyers and medical librarians.

Follow me on Twitter and join the community…